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Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey is CGI, 3D, science fiction, action-adventure film which interweaves animated sequences with actual space imagery captured from seven ongoing NASA/ESA missions. Large Format Film from Digimax, Inc. and Jupiter 9 Productions, coming to audiences in February 2010.

Its family-friendly tale focuses on a photon named Dave and his heroic efforts to save his people, who are caught in a galactic battle between the forces of good and evil. The film takes a unique and entertaining approach to science education by creating characters which embody scientific concepts and discoveries, making the movie fun as well as informative.

The all-star voice Cast includes Chris Pine, Samuel L. Jackson, Hayden Christensen, Amanda Peet, Robert Picardo, Jason Alexander, Tom Kenny, Sandra Oh, Brent Spiner, James Earl Jones, William Shatner, Mark Hamill, Doug Jones, Abigail Breslin, Spencer Breslin, Gary Graham and, in his first feature film role, astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Quantum Quest is a sci-fi action film set in a scientifically accurate rendering of our solar system in 3D stereoscopic. The audience is taken on a simulated solar safari, exploring the outer planets and moons of our solar system. The film runs 50 minutes.

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Legendary Science Fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein's novel for young adults, Have Space Suit Will Travel, begins when Clifford Kip' Russell, a high school senior, wins runner-up in a jingle writing contest and is awarded an obsolete, but genuine, used space suit. He restores it and, as luck would have it, is actually wearing it when he's abducted by aliens (whom Kip is soon referring to as wormfaces'); Kip is joined in his incarceration by Peewee, a preteen genius who is also the daughter of a famed Scientist, and an alien they call the Mother Thing. The stakes climb as Kip is soon bounding through space seeing things he never imagined on an intergalactic adventure destined to put Kip and Peewee in a position to determine the fate of mankind. Jupiter 9 Production's adaptation of this beloved novel seeks to push the bar even higher while retaining the spirit and intent of Heinlein's original work published a half century ago. We invite you to witness a sleeker, faster Have Space Suit Will Travel, that stays true to its center, examining what is noble and ignoble about mankind in this heroic and sometimes tragic adventure.

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Set in acclaimed Science Fiction writer Mike Resnick's Birthright Universe, Starship: Mutiny is the first book in a series of five that follow the adventures of Commander Wilson Cole, one of the best protagonists to come along in this genre in a long time. This fantastic Space Opera begins with Cole arriving at his new home, a starship named the Teddy Roosevelt. Cole is a war hero with a tendency to ignore what he deems dumb orders'. Though he proves to be a heroic soldier his superiors see him as disrespectful and dangerous, demoting him from the position of Starship Captain to Second Officer and re-assigning him to the Teddy R, as it's called by its crew, an outdated and obsolete starship roaming the outer regions of Federation space, far from the war's main action. It only takes Commander Cole's arrival to put them into the thick of the action. Jupiter 9 Productions is currently working to bring this larger than life character to audiences everywhere, a hero (anti-hero) we expect will rival Pirates of the Caribbean's own Captain Jack Sparrow. The team at Jupiter 9 believes an amazing hero, cool new aliens, epic space battles, and a bit with a dog (okay, there's no dog) will thrill and entertain audiences around the world.

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What if Jules Verne's Captain Nemo was a real historical figure? What if an adventurer named Andre Nemo was actually a lifelong friend of Verne's and Verne built his career as a writer by merely exploiting his friend's real life adventurers? This is the reality Kevin J. Anderson presents to us in his highly imaginative novel Captain Nemo: The Fantastic History of a Dark Genius. Anderson spins an amazing yarn in such detail that readers will be hard pressed not to believe his fictional tale is actually true. This truth is at the heart of Jupiter 9's production of Anderson's novel, bringing an adventure mindful of Jules Verne's own 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as we set out to entertain audiences everywhere with what promises to be Captain Nemo's greatest adventure yet. We invite you to see Captain Nemo and his Nautilus as you've never seen them before€¦ in Polarized 3D!

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Based on the novel written by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason of the same name, Jupiter 9's feature motion picture ILL WIND is set in a future where the world is destroyed by man's own hand. When a massive oil spill in San Francisco Bay threatens to go from bad to worse in the scale of ecological disasters, a microbe that feeds on petroleum is released in an effort to clean up the mess. Once unleashed the microbes are soon out of control, air born destroyers decimating all of the world's petroleum based products which in turn shuts down transportation, cripples communication, and obliterates most aspects of everyday life as we now know it. In a world gone mad, like post-apocalyptic worlds tend to do, a few brave souls set about rebuilding society. The only problem is they don't all set about doing it the same way. Jupiter 9 Productions looks forward to bringing audiences this sprawling cautionary tale, a sweeping epic of a thriller, where the viewers' perspectives on heroes and villains will change with the wind.

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Mike Resnick took Lewis Carroll's poem of the same name to a far away world and wrote a short novel about it that most of us recognize immediately, Hunting the Snark. Jupiter 9 is currently in production of the feature motion picture ALIEN SAFARI, based on Mr. Resnick's novel. In the spirit of Carroll's poem that inspired Resnick to write his novel and inspired us to bring Resnick's tale of a hunting trip on a distant planet to the big screen, we invite audiences to experience the journey of adventure that comes from looking for one thing and discovering something entirely different. Presented in Polarized 3D, ALIEN SAFARI, promises to provide audiences with a nail-biting thriller not unlike the enormous adventure of JURASSIC PARK. We seek to inspire audiences with this adaptation of Mike Resnick's novel in the same way director Steven Spielberg inspired us with the adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel. Join the hunt on our ALIEN SAFARI.