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Jupiter 9 Productions. Inc.

Since its inception, Jupiter 9 has been involved in production and consulting services to leading Science and Technology firms, and provided these same services to a host of Hollywood television and film companies. The company has a substantial development slate of live action and animated projects with a host of producing partners. Jupiter 9 is handling all sales and distribution for film outside ASIA.

For more information, contact:
Harry Kloor: harry@j9prod.com

Jupiter 9 Logo

Digimax Animation, Inc.

“About Digimax Animation, Inc: Founded in 1990, Digimax, Inc. is a government designated flagship company of the Taiwan digital content industry, which is marked as one of the two “rising star” industries in Taiwan’s “Two Trillion, Twin Star (T#S)” industrial development program. Digimax is a state-of-the-art film and TV production studio, and has advanced research and development capabilities in 3D, CGI and interactive media technology. It specializes in movie, television, commercial film productions and the development of original content. Digimax Animation is handling all sales and distribution of the film in ASIA.

For more information, visit:
Contact: info@digimaxinc.com