Our quest to entertain audiences in both large format and general theatres begins with the belief that the script is king. Our mission is to serve the intent of the author while leaning heavily on the creative process of collaboration that brings writers, actors, producers, and directors together in the multi-faceted journey of movie making.

Jupiter 9's first animated feature QUANTUM QUEST is currently in full production in partnership with Digimax, starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The story centers of a young light particle, DAVE (Travolta) that must travel from the Sun to the Cassini Spacecraft orbiting Saturn to save his kind from the dark forces of GENERAL FEAR (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson). It is an adventure for all ages and features several minutes of spectacular footage provided by our partners at NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratories of actual images from several ongoing space missions.
With an eye towards tomorrow's horizon, Jupiter 9 also holds options on more than thirty leading Sci-Fi/Fantasy literary works, several award winning and best selling novels, penned by some of Americas most celebrated writers in the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy; four productions based on these books are already in development.

History of Jupiter 9

Jupiter 9 was born in 1996 as the brainchild of Dr. Harry Kloor and was created to provide entertaining and educational content promoting the fields of Space and Science. In the early years the company focused on commercials, documentaries, and television programming, including Star Trek Voyager, Earth: Final Conflict, Godzilla: the animated series, and the Rocket Racing League.
Since its inception Jupiter 9 Productions has been involved in production of features and television programs, both for the studios and independent projects. J9 also provides confidential consulting services to leading Science and Technology firms, and provided these same services to a host of Hollywood television and film companies. 
Today the focus of the company is on developing and producing stereographic Science Fiction and Fantasy live action and animated movies through both our in-house team and along with our business partners. We are fully equipped to produce projects within a broad range of budgets, from low-budget to blockbuster, based on both original and adapted material. Jupiter 9 Productions continues to grow as a company and is proud of the strong alliances developed over the years with best selling authors and award winning screenwriters. J9 is currently developing a slate of best selling science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk novels as features. Work is presently underway on “Starship Mutiny”, “Widowmaker”, “Hunting the Snark”, and “Sideshow” all novels by Mike Resnik, “Saga of Seven Suns”, “Ill Wind” and “Captain Nemo” by Keven J. Anderson, and “Assemblers of Infinity”, by Doug Beason and Keven J. Anderson. J9 is presently developing two new entertainment platforms. Other projects include “Astropets”, “Galaxy Racers”, “Cutting Edge”, “Merlin’s Gang”, “Reluctant Wizard”, “The Host”, “The Tafari”, and “The Searchers”.

Jupiter 9 productions is producing its first graphic novel, Widowmaker (based on Mike Resnick's book), which was announced at Worldcon 7 on August 3, 2012 with Worldcon Honoree Mike Resnick.

Technology & Jupiter 9

Over the last century the art of motion pictures has constantly advanced from Thomas Edisons creation of silent films through the evolution of talkies and color film to digital production and projection and on towards the emerging technologies of tomorrow. The Jupiter 9 team is committed to working with and building on the newest technologies of our time.

Today the technology exists to create polarized 3-D stereographic movies and all of the features produced at Jupiter 9 will be made using this technology. Jupiter 9 Productions is a 21st Century Entertainment Company that not only emphasizes the latest cutting edge technology, but is developing new technologies to improve proficiency in the medium of motion pictures, reducing costs while retaining quality. Along these lines Jupiter 9 has several patents pending and will continue to develop and invest in emerging technologies.
While we at Jupiter 9 and our partners have spent considerable time and resources developing new methods for the production of high quality, CGI intensive motion pictures, we are also happy to announce that we soon unveil a virtual film process (patent pending) that will allow us to test a projects commercial viability at the earliest stages of development.



Dr. Harry Kloor, Ph.D Physics, Ph.D. Chemistry, is a Writer, Director, Producer, Scientist, Inventor, National Technology Policy Advisor, and Chief Technology Officer with 11 years of writing/producing experience, and 26 years of experience in science & technology consulting, policy making, and commercial and military product development. In 1994, Dr. Kloor earned the unique status of being the first and to date the only person in the world to simultaneously earn two Ph.D.s. Dr. Kloor started his career as a free lance writer for Star Trek: Voyager and the animated series Godzilla, and was one of the key developers of the series Earth Final Conflict.


Rayna Napali is a producer, production manager, and engineer with several years of experience working in film and television. Ms. Napali has worked on a host of commercials, industrial projects, documentaries, television programs and feature films. Ms. Napali is also a former industrial engineer who worked on the team for Boeings 777 aircraft.


Anthony Garriga is a superlative writer who has worked in Hollywood as script doctor and screen writer for last 8 years. He holds a Masters Degree from University of Florida and has writer on numerous film and television projects for various companies in every genre, including projects with producers from Zeta Inc., Milkwood Productions (David Anthony Jones), Welshworks (Mark Steinberg), Final Cut Collective (Eric Amadio, CEO and Executive Producer of COLUMBUS DAY), The Lab Entertainment Group (SWEDISH AUTO), Fast Break Entertainment.